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We are

We are a faculty of University. Part of a university with a global reputation for academic excellence, we explore and create in-depth knowledge, rooted in our research and expertise. The combination of all of this ensures that our unique approach meets the real needs of our students, through products and services that allow students to integrate and easily access them. easy.

The learning experiences we create can only be attributed to’s solutions for teaching and assessment are empowering millions of learners everywhere, and are built on unique insights from our research, expertise and experience. we.

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Our Certifications and Exams
We offer many of the world’s leading certifications and exams for English learners and teachers:

Certificate English
Teaching Certificate English
Our certifications and exams are accepted by more than 25,000 institutions worldwide, providing the English language skills for real-life communication and success.

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We can help you learn English
Whether you’re preparing to take one of our exams or just want to improve your English, we can help. We have free materials you can download and activities to help you improve your English skills online.

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If you want to take it even further, you can purchase our official practice material

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Some facts and figures about us
More than 5.5 million people take exams and get certificates every year.
We have more than 2,800 test centers in 130 countries.
More than 50,000 test centers around the world help students prepare for our exams.